Thursday, February 11, 2010

Just a Thought...

A friend of mine was telling me about a song that asks the question, "What if in the next life you were forced to live off of what you GAVE in this life."

It's a question that cut deep to my heart.

Because seriously, what if?

Don't be afraid to give. I believe in tithing to my church. Trust me, it's an act of faith each month. But it's liberating. It's a freeing act of obedience. But if you aren't a believer...that won't be for you. What is for you? A Charity? A Cause? A Country? There are so many people/organizations that need our help.

Don't be afraid to give.


Lisa P said...

Thanks for the encouragement--I agree with the act of faith thing. It's one of those things that God has wired into us that is totally counter-intuitive. There's so many of those things. I think he gets a good laugh sometimes!

Diane Davis said...

i've never heard this saying before... it's deep. not just money and basic needs, but kindness too. because i would want to live off food and kindess. thanks for this.