Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dear Haley.

As I drove you to school today, I loved listening to your precious, sweet voice sing songs to God. I love hearing you worship. You sang "I will exalt You. You are my God." And my heart was full.

When you told me you loved me, my heart was happy.

When Lexi told you she loved you, everything felt right.

When you closed the door to the car and started running off in your blue uniform dress, I thought about how I would miss you today and couldn't wait to pick you up and hang out with you all afternoon.

When you turned around and blew me a kiss, time stood still. Tears fell down. I felt so loved. So completely full. And so completely aware of how quickly time passes by...and how I wanted to treasure that moment for the rest of my life.

You are growing into such a beautiful young lady. I'm so proud to be your Mom. And as long as you want to blow me kisses...I will be here to catch them.

I love you sweet Haley.


Brazenlilly said...

When I saw the title the this post, I said outloud: "Oh crap. I'm going to cry." Yes, I did. Tears of joy, thinking how at the very beginning of Haley's life in your womb you thought you may have lost her, and now look at the wonderful person she's become and becoming. Love to all of you.

Lisa P said...

It is such a gift that God allows time to momentarily stand still for those precious times to imprint in our brains. Glad you wrote it down so you can go back and re-enjoy it. Possibly on days where you want to tear out your hair! They come in handy.

Don said...

I love the way you cherish those special moments and capture them in your heart. Every mother has the moments, but too few of them notice, let alone treasure them. I'm proud of you, and I'm glad you and Haley have such a special relationship.