Thursday, February 5, 2009

Stanley, Stranger Lady, Woody, & Mama Bear.

I took the kids to Disneyland today to meet my friend Amanda and her daughter Mallory. We had so much fun. I took a pic on my cell phone on the tram ride in. I was looking at it tonight and noticed a couple of interesting things.

1. The gentleman behind the girls resembles a one "Stanley" from The Office.

2. I was going to crop this picture until I noticed Lexi's hand. She asked the Lady next to her if she could hold on to her. How sweet is that? I love her precious soul.

In other news... It's a Small World reopened today. It's been closed for a year or so. Apparently Americans had gotten too fat and they needed to repair the boats that had started scraping the bottom of the attraction. I guess while they were in there, they decided to spruce up the joint. I will say, it was a lot more fun. It was kinda like "Where's Waldo" because there were Disney characters everywhere. It was fun to try and find them.

Here's a pic of Woody.

After several hours of fun in the sun... I mean RAIN.... we went to the Buzz LightYear store to ask a cast member for a replacement back to one of her trading pins. I had her stand in line behind the only 2 ladies that were in line. I called out for Lexi to come stand by us, and when I looked over, Haley had scooted over somewhat. I said, "Haley, make sure you stand right here behind this lady." And then I grabbed Lexi.

It was then her turn in line, so she walked up to the desk and in her sweet voice said, "excuse me sir..." And right at that time, a middle aged man (No least 55) scooted up and was standing less than 1cm away from her... and looked at me and said, "Excuse me, your kid is cutting me." I'm thinking "Your JOKING, right?" But I said, "No...she was here. We have been waiting in line." KNOWING FULL WELL WE WERE THERE FIRST BECAUSE I SAW HIM GET INTO LINE. To which he says, "No... I heard you tell her to stand right behind the lady." Okay...that's it people. I've got a splitting headache. I'm drenched from the rain, and this middle-aged man is trying to cut my daughter off who waited patiently for 5 minutes only to get cut off by a grumpy old man... and I LOST IT.

I don't get Mama Bear very often, but I said, "So you're going to cut a little kid off? Really? That's cool. Come on Haley...we're not going to stand in line with someone who treats little kids like this."

And his response?????

"Two Ponchos please."


So as we are walking away and I am FUMING inside... I'm trying to explain to Haley what went down. Then she started crying...probably cause I was so upset...cause truthfully I think she was clueless when it happened. And you know what she said to me, "Mom...I would have let him go ahead of me."

Pause. Breathe.
If only I had that kind of heart.


AMankin said...

oh sweetness--that's unbelievable. I went to guest services where I stopped at the bottom of the 7 stairs in the rain and asked the cast member where lost and found is. He asked what I lost-I told him my annual pass. I kid you not, he said wait right there-in the pouring down rain. I climb the mountain of stairs with Mallory in the stroller and wait on the porch. He comes back and tells me it hasn't been turned in and to check the next time we come to the park. If it's still MIA then I can pay for a replacement. To reacp--he wants me to stand in the rain and is unhelpful. Totally feeling frustrated!

For the record, you win-that dude is a complete jerk.

Rick said...

And you guys wonder why I think DLand is the unhappiest place on earth?

Don said...

My first instinct would have been to bite him. . . . Dear Lord, it's genetic! :)

Seriously, his behavior is beyond disturbing. Even if she had butted in front of him, there was no need for him to behave as someone 2 years her junior.

World of Wright said...

Ouch! Some people have no class...on the other hand your sweet little girls are nothing but class.
I would have let him have it too if it had happend to one of my kids.

VikingMom said...

Grrrr! I've so been there. Even with the whole kid crying afterward and not understanding what just happened. As a mother you try to teach your kids to do the right thing and they end up teaching you a thing or two. I hate that! LOL I guess it just shows they learned something right the first time around and are capable of applying it to their daily lives even when we forget it ourselves.

Lyonslove said...

We were at Cal Adv, yesterday in the rain too!

I love how kind Haley is! I HATE when people are like that. I am so sorry.

Sarah B. said... have the heart of a child again.

Heidi said...

I don't think I would have had the self-control to walk away.

Good for you...

And good for Haley. "A child will lead them..."

she's a special kid - I know you know that...