Friday, February 13, 2009

My Journey.

I like to take pictures of pathways and roads because they remind me that I am on a journey.

Since it's Valentine's Day and "LOVE" is in the air...I'm thinking a lot about love tonight. And I've decided one thing...I have so much to learn.

I want to love boldly. Courageously. Without fear.

I want to love selflessly. Without thinking of what I will get in return.

I want to love unconditionally. Even when it's not reciprocated.

I want to love the sick, the poor, the people that don't look like like me...think like me.

I want to love like Jesus.

I'm reading a book - IRRESISTIBLE REVOLUTION - by Shane Claiborne that has opened my eyes to what a horrible lover I am. Nothing sexual here people. Just talking about loving others the way Christ loves me.

And can I boldly say that if we loved people like that, the world would be a different place.

I want to take a few posts to share some of his thoughts that have messed with my head. Made me think a lot about this journey I'm on.

Maybe they will mess with you too...

It is a beautiful thing when folks in poverty are no longer just a missions project but become genuine friends and family with whom we laugh, cry, dream, and struggle. One of the verses I have grown to love is the one where Jesus is preparing to leave the disciples and says, "I no longer call you servants....Instead, I have called you friends. (John 15:15) Servanthood is a fine place to being, but gradually we move toward mutual love, genuine relationships.

...And that's when things get messy. When people begin moving beyond charity and toward justice and solidarity with the poor and oppressed, as Jesus did, they get in trouble. Once we are actually friends with folks in struggle, we start to ask why people are poor, which is never as popular as giving to charity.

...Charity wins awards and applause, but joining the poor gets you killed. People do not get crucified for charity. People are crucified for living out a love that disrupts the social order, that calls forth a new world. People are not crucified for helping poor people. People are crucified for joining them.


Rick said...

Very convicting post, KT. It ties in with what I've been experiencing as I've had a chance to meet some of the people who will be my tax clients next year. Two of the first 3 I met had Alzheimer's, and all but one are senior citizens. As I was introduced by to them by the guy I was replacing, I could see the fear in their eyes, not because of who I am, but because of who I am not--yet. Don has been their tax guy, but more importantly, he has been their friend. That's why, so far, 100% of them have said they will transfer their business to me, because Don said I'm OK. I had begun to see taking over this business as a ministry, and your post crystallized those thoughts. His business used to have over 500 clients, now he's down to around 250, and not because they've taken their business elsewhere. They are dying off. My prayer is that I can pick up Don's torch and be their friend who happens to do their taxes.

Sarah B. said...

Sounds like I need to read this book next... I am reading "Jesus Wants to Save Christians"...and I have to read it over and over. Yesterday I read something that totally stuck a knife in me....showed me where my judgment comes from.
If the system works for you it can be quite hard to understand the perspective of people who have the boot of the system on their neck"..and it went on but that was the gist of it.
I love that idea that it needs to be so much ore than "a mission" should be about relationships and real friendship and real caring and real love. Now if I could put all these wonderful thoughts into actions. :)
Thanks for sharing Kristi.

Don said...

Wonderful post and wonderful picture. Where did you take it/find it?

Kristi said...

Pops - I took this in Solvang last January.

AMankin said...

um-yeah. yes, it's messing with me now

SingingShrink said...

reminds me of the difference between Bill Gates giving a million dollars to a charity and a homeless person sharing their last piece of bread with a friend. Both giving, and Bill would win an award for it. The other just gets a little more hungry.

I was struck as I was reading your post at how I reacted: I felt myself pulling away, not wanting to give because it would require relationship where I didn't really want it. It certainly is MUCH harder to give when it becomes part of your everyday life. Giving can be a real commitment. When I feel overcommitted already, I resist adding something new, even when that something new is as wonderful as finding a new friend or creating joy in someone's life through giving.

beckie said...

You write with clarity and vulnerability and honesty. I am touched by your introspection.
Your words touch my heart.
Take care,