Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Congratulations Haley....

Dear Haley,

Today was a big day for you. I told you that you were going to visit Mrs. Marsh (your pre-school director) because she's heard how smart you are and wanted to ask you a few questions. Both are true. But there was more to the story. We were actually going to take an entrance exam for Kindergarten...but I didn't want to make you nervous with words like "test", so I left out that part.

When we got there, mommy decided I would sit in the room with you and listen. But I wasn't allowed to talk to you and you weren't allowed to talk to me.

You sat in your chair and did such a good job listening. You listened intently. You love to make people happy. I could see that shining through you today.

There were a couple of times that I could tell you needed help. I wanted to help you so badly. It was hard for me to sit and just watch. But I guess as you keep growing up, that's part of my job. Learning to let go. Letting you learn on your own.

You've done a lot of learning Haley. It was fun to watch you answer the questions Mrs. Marsh asked. Here are some of the things you did today:

--You identified each letter of the alphabet correctly.
--You wrote your first/last name.
--Mrs. Marsh built shapes with blocks. You looked at them. She knocked them down, and you rebuilt them in the same shape. This one was your biggest struggle...but you still did great!
--You identified your numbers correctly (except for number 10.... that was a tough one.)
--She showed you flash cards and you correctly identified each picture - except for yarn & overalls. But we don't have yarn or overalls in the that doesn't surprise me.
---You drew every shape correctly.

She asked you are some of my favorite answers.

What do you do when your hungry? --- I eat something healthy.
What is healthy? ---Vegetables
What is your favorite vegetable? ---Steak.

What do you do when your cold? ---I snuggle.

What explodes? ---Volcanos.

What growls? ---My stomach.

Who swims? ---Sometimes people.

What boils?---Whales. And popcorn.
...I think she misunderstood this one at first...Then remembered that Grandma makes popcorn on the stove and waits for the oil to boil.

What do you do when you are sleepy?---I pull the covers up.

After you were done answering Mrs. Marsh's questions, she let you go color a picture in another room with a teacher. Then Mrs. Marsh and I talked about what a good job you did on your test. She said you were outgoing, happy, and kind. She told me that I have done a wonderful job with you. You are respectful to the teachers at school and sweet to the other kids. Academically, you are prepared for Kindergarten. And Mrs. Marsh seems to think you are an auditory learner.

And with, I was given a registration packet for you to go to Kindergarten.

I can't believe how quickly you are growing Haley. I am so proud of you. I love you more than you will ever know.

I am looking forward to watching you learn more next year as you begin Kindergarten.

Congratulations my sweet little girl!!!


Diane Davis said...

haley has a beautiful mother. a soft-hearted, intelligent, kind, funny, loving mother.

Kristi said...

don't forget HOT!


Heidi said...

Yes, how could we forget HOT?! :)

Yay for Haley - I knew she would pass it with flying colors. You're luck that you got to sit in there with her - we weren't allowed to do that.

How exciting! Your little girl is going into Kindergarten! :)

You should print this and put it with her report cards, etc once she starts school. It's definitely a keepsake.

Heidi said...

By this - I mean your blog post - not my comment.

I mean, you're welcome to print the comment too. It will probably be worth something someday.

But as far as Templeton Keepsakes - your blog post is probably more of a candidate that my comment.

Just wanted to be clear.

Lyn said...

What a beautiful post - Congrats to you and to Haley! What a special day it was. I agree with Heidi. You need to save your letter to Haley as a very special keepsake. Haley & Mommy rock! (Okay, so do Daddy & Lex - don't want to leave anyone out!)

johnsonandjohnson said...

How sweet. I bet it was so fun to hear those answers in person. She's so cute when she is processing information. I can just imagine the look on her face when asked what boils.

Brazenlilly said...

OK, between your post and Heidi's post (whose second comment on this post made me laugh out loud) I am all teary about letting my kids grow up! Thanks a LOT! I'm so happy for Haley and happy for you. It is so affirming (and relieving, let's be honest) to have a non-blood relative tell you that your kid is great and that you are not screwing them up--let alone that you are doing a great job parenting. Way to go Mom & Dad!

Rick said...

I'm printing Heidi's comments and putting them in my scrapbook

VikingMom said...

See? I told you she'd pass with flying colors. Yeah... that "overall" question is a bummer, Tamila didn't know that answer either. Anyway, thanks for the beautiful trip down memory lane. Your girl will blossom next year and eventually outsmart you. Count on it. (From one who knows!)

Don said...

Okay, the old guy is teared up here.

Loved the post...especially the letter to Haley. I think you should write it out on paper in your handwriting, and put it in an envelope for her (if you haven't already). She will treasure it beyond imagining someday.

Like Lauren, I knew she would nail this "test." AND, I could just picture here sitting there, glowing and bright and ready to please. I just wish she were here right now so I could give her a big hug.

Oh, and I too have printed out Heidi's comment for my scrapbook.

Love you!

Don said...

Oops... I typed Lauren instead of Laurel. Sorry, Laurel! I definitely should proofread these comments, cause you can't edit the crazy things.

Lisa P said...

This was a treasure-all-these-things-in-my-heart kind of day for me too. It's funny all the emotions that you feel in such a short time-span. You captured them well!

Erin said...

So, so sweet. I love that you documented that for her as well. Sounds like you have a couple precious girls. :-)

AMankin said...

good job Haley & Mommy

Stephanie said...

This was so sweet and totally made me cry. I agree with your dad about writing it out on paper and saving it for her. I love her answers to the questions.
I can't imagine Madeline at this point in four years. I feel sad that she wants to hold her own bottle now. :) What a crazy, beautiful thing being a mom is. We are so blessed.

SingingShrink said...

Very cool indeed. You know, as young as I am, reading stuff like that makes me feel old. When I was in Kindergarten I remember learning the alphabet and numbers, taking naps, chasing girls, and riding a steel tricycle around a little painted track. I made a popsicle stick puppet of a kangaroo for the letter "Kk". Things have changed a bit I see.

Sarah said...

Sweet, sweet, precious, wonderful, blessed mamma and baby girl!
Thanks for sharing your heart with us. I'm blessed by it. Your Haley is one lucky and loved little girl!