Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Counting Down #23

Most broken hearts come from having been in a relationship that didn't work out. I've had a few of those. But I've only had one where I fell hard for someone who didn't feel the same.

It happened in Norway. His name was Oystein. (Which sounds weird for us Americans...but it's actually a very common name there.) I called him Oyster. We became very good friends. And to be fair...he led me on in a bad way. Everything within me thought we would get married and I would live in Norway forever.

I went home for a couple of weeks in the winter, and when I returned to Norway, I took the train from Oslo into my little town. Then I had a cab drop me off where I knew Oystein and all my friends hung out on Thursday evenings. It was a very snowy evening. My stomach was full of butterflies as I got out of the cab. I drug my suitcase through the snow and up the walkway to the Pizzeria (cause that's what they call it there), and looked into the window where I saw Oystein leaning across the table kissing another girl.

It was a scene out of a movie....snow standing in the cold with my suitcase...eyes filling with tears...pit in my stomach...broken heart. And just when I was about to turn around and try and catch the cab...he looks up and sees me and assumingly out of guilt...waves me in.

Luckily my best friend was inside the restaurant and she grabbed me and led me away from "Oyster" and his mistress. I spent the rest of the night catching up with friends...eating Norwegian Pizza...and pretending everything was okay.

I didn't get over him until I moved back to the States.


World of Wright said...

As I read this I hear the dramatic music in the background.
I too have a collection of broken heart stories (some involving my jr. high crush on Josh. At one time he had six pack abs!)
Your story makes me miss my addiction to Days of Our Lives.

SingingShrink said...

You should sell that to someone. You're a good songwriter. Maybe you could write the soundtrack to the movie! Boys are stupid sometimes.