Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hush little Baby.

Lexi didn't take a nap today because we went over to Sarah B's. house for a FABULOUS cookie decorating party! Needless to say, by the time we got home (5:30ish), Lexi was screaming "I want my night-night...I want to go to bed." I got her to hold out until about 7. Then we came upstairs, brushed our teeth and read a delightful Corduroy story. I started signing our song "Baby Mine." And she put the thumb in her mouth and started cuddling with her night-night. I knew she was tired when she didn't demand for me to sing the Little Einsteins theme song...which has been her trademark lately.

Within a minute, she was asleep. Within 2, she was snoring. Completely sprawled out all over me. I prayed over her. I thanked God for allowing me to be her mom. I prayed for forgiveness for the times I am a horrible, impatient, mom. I prayed for grace on my behalf and that she would have grace with me. I thanked God for her laugh and for all of the fun, precious memories we have created together too.

I prayed for her future. And as I looked her her beautiful face and thought of the lyrics I heard today in church, "Mary did you know, that when you kissed your little kissed the face of God?" I thought of the uncertainity of my own daughter's future, and how Mary must have felt holding our Savior in her arms...unaware of how her own son's life would unfold. Can you imagine the weight of understanding what she had just experienced? A virgin birth? Delivering in a stable? Surrounded by horrible smells? It must have been overwhelming.

Holding my daughter was so special tonight. And thinking about all this just made me realize how incredibly beautiful and poetic God is. A baby can soften the hearts of any person. God knew this. He could have given us a Savior in a mighty, triumphant way. But he gave us one in the form of a child. One that Mary had to care for, tend to, feed, comfort, and hold. And the poetic, beautiful part? Her child is the one that cares for, tends to, feeds, comforts, and holds me.

My daughter never falls asleep in my arms. I think it was a divine snuggle time tonight. A time for God to use my own baby to remind me of His...and what Christmas is all about.


Jon in HB said...

I love Baby Mine! Bette Midler sings a great version!

Rick said...

I'm proud to be the BFF of such a wise and sensitive young lady.

Stephanie said...

Beautiful post Kristi. Made me cry.
P.S. I sing Baby Mine to Madeline as well. It's my favorite lullaby.

Lyn said...

So sweet. And Lexi & Haley are so fortunate to have such a loving mother.

Heidi said...

I'm in agreement with Jon on this one. Bette Midler's version is stimply stunning.

Beautiful post my friend. You're a wonderful writer.

Dionne Sincire said...

I love that you pray over Lexi at night while she sleeps. Great insights from Mary's perspective too. Beautiful picture of mom and daughter. :)

Kristi said...

Yes...the first time i heard baby mine was when i saw the movie BEACHES. I have never forgotten it. Bette does a beautiful version. Although, Dumbo's mom isn't too shabby! :o)

Sidenote: If you remember back to Lexi's hospitalization last year, that is the only song I could sing to make her stop crying. I just stood over her bed and sang it...It will always be "our song."

VikingMom said...

Okay, you had me tear eyed with the blog and now your last comment has sent me over the edge.

Thanks for the beautiful reminder.

AMankin said...

That is the sweetest-thank you for the timely, thoughtful reminder. loveyou sweet friend