Monday, December 1, 2008

French Fry Casualty

I try to eat healthy. I do not eat red meat. I eat other meat very sparingly. I watch labels. Nothing artificial (oh, except my chemical infested Diet Cokes that I can't break free from). I don't eat fried food. I try not to eat stuff that is too fattening...except for my avocados which I could eat a solid diet of. I eat a lot of fruit. I do well with veggies too...though I know I should eat more.
I really try to eat well.

Now, for those of you questioning why my figure does not represent my food choices, may I suggest that I just eat WAY too much. Even healthy foods add up.

But on to my story...

Today was not the best day. If you've been keeping up with the blogs, you might recall this morning where everyone slept in. Yeah, well that backfired. Curtis ended up running really late, so we got off on a bad start. My day improved, but his did not. And I in turn (being the awesome wife that I am) took on his stress.

All that to say, by 5pm, we were both exhausted.

We usually take the girls to swim on Monday nights to practice/play before their Thursday lessons. But I just sensed that we needed to stay home.

It took some convincing to get Haley to buy into staying home. She was even saying stuff like "Come on mom...I love the chlorine. Please let us go swimming."

Well...seeing as how I already tried bribery with Lexi earlier today, I thought, what the heck? Take 2.

So I asked her one more time... "Haley, wouldn't you like to stay home and we could decorate and make Rice Krispy Treats and hang out?" See that move...I added the Rice Krispy Treats. Yep! It worked like a charm. She said okay.

So with that...I decided that only comfort food would do.

We had Grilled Cheese sandwiches. Tomato Soup. FRENCH FRIES.

Now...I don't mind the french fries at home because they are baked not fried and ACTUALLY aren't so bad for you. It's a very low fat content especially compared with the likes of Fast Food Joints.

THE PROBLEM IS... I couldn't stop eating them. Seriously. Everybody else was done and there was still half a tray. I tried offering more to the kids but they were "full" (How dare they?) So as I was in the kitchen washing dishes, I was STUFFING MY FACE. I couldn't stop. I had 6 separate helpings of ketchup to dip my fries in.

I finally cut up a tomato and put it in my mouth to keep from eating more fries.

THEN - I threw the remainder in the trash. I continued to wash dishes, but then started thinking that there wasn't anything in the trash, so what would it hurt if I reached in and had another. SERIOUSLY. I was scaring myself.

I had to take the trash outside to avoid eating any more.

It's a dark night in the Templeton house my friends. A dark night.

I won't even tell you how many Rice Krispy Treats I have had.



Lisa P said...

If it helps, I had to freeze the homemade chewy, ginger cookies to keep me from eating any more...

VikingMom said...

Think on the bright side...all the great potassium and fiber you were getting from the potatoes! The ketchup has lycopene and other great minerals and vitamins in it. As for the Rice Krispie Treats...well at least the cereal is fortified/enriched. Does that help you at all?

Diane Davis said...

dear skinny friend,


enough said.

Heidi said...

WELCOME to the world I inhabit.

Don said...

'ats my girl!

Don said...

I'm not sure I've ever gone thru the trash scavaging--yet, anyway.

Anonymous said...

It's been two years since I had a diet soda. I work for two chiropractors who have convinced me of the horrors that stuff does to my body. I can't even look at one now without seeing chemicals. Water is just not as much fun.

johnsonandjohnson said...

hey! Maybe you are pregnant???? Does a funnel cake sound good? Couldn't resist!

Lyn said...

You should have called! I could have helped you with the french fries. Oh, wait. . .I was up to my elbows in Skyline Chili, Hello Dollies, and brownies. I guess you get it honestly! But admit it, wasn't it fun?? (for awhile, at least!)

Have a good day!

Dionne Sincire said...

Diane stole my line.
However, I'll publish this comment as an added bonus:

Seriously, who's questioning your figure????

I, myself, am feeling a little 60/40. ;)

World of Wright said...

If I ever actually counted the calories I consume while doing dishes I would probably cry...a lot!

Brazenlilly said...

HA! Dionne did NOT just say 60/40! That is awesome!

KT, I could not love you more for this post.

Also. Hmmmm. Diet Coke. Mmmmm. I likey a lot! Remember when we lived together and we would take turns buying the 24 packs and go through them in less than a week? I do. Good times. I think my brain is still fried on aspertame.

The Unlikely Pastor's Wife said...

Dear beautiful friend-
who cares what you eat...we only live once right?

God intended food to be yummy and to enjoy.....otherwise He would have made us stupid and we wouldn't be able to figure out how to make anything yummy, indulgent and bad for us.'s what God wants!

Sarah B. said...

Amen to all of the above...
Someone question your figure?
I do that with Mint Milano cookies all the time....but I don't waste my time by putting them in trash...I just admit that I will eat the whole box and than I commit!

Diane Davis said...

DIONNE... the 60/40 comment killed me!

BUNCH... so glad you remembered my theory!

KT... as a fellow addict, I completely support your love of DC.

SingingShrink said...

Wow, you totally just reminded me of how awful my own diet is. I look forward to filling out in my mid-thirties like the rest of the men in my family. I figure that gives me a few more years to be absolutely terrible to my body by indulging in fries (sadly from fast food joints-the oven is too slow for me most days). I hope I don't become diabetic or get high blood pressure or whatever else can come from the junk I eat.

Kira does tend to be helpful in reminding me that we have carrot sticks in the fridge, etc. One of these days I'll be a little more consistent with watching what I eat. Probably more likely now that pro quals are over.