Saturday, November 22, 2008

This just in.

We have a worship hangover from last night. It's the good kind of hangover! :o) The only problem is, we are super tired. I will write more about last night, but right now you should know that I am laying in bed watching my kids play tug of war (in a mean way) with Lexi's diaper bag and kicking each other and yelling....and we are just laughing. Are we bad parents?

I think we might be.


VikingMom said...

Nope. Not bad parents. You'll just have another story to add to your arsenal of embarrassing anecdotes to share with their future boyfriends.

AMankin said...

not bad parents!!

Sarah B. said...

Bad way! Normal and tired parents...YES! Last night was AWESOME, I can't say it enough. I will have to blog about it too because I just can't stop thinking about it...permagrin today!

Heidi said...

Crap if that story makes you bad parents, Kurt and I should both be in jail. At this point we'll be lucky if our kids don't write books about us.

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No way are you bad parents LOL!
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Billy said...

I had my kids sign a non-disclosure statement. There will be no books about us!