Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dear Mr. President


When I first saw you speak at the DNC convention four years ago, I looked at my husband and said, "He will be President someday." Tonight you became our new President-Elect. I wish you my most sincere congratulations.

I love listening to you speak. You move me. And when you announced your candidacy 21 months ago, I became a follower. I was captured by your passion, your heart, and your words. I wanted change. I wanted to help those who need help. I wanted you to be my president.

I listened very carefully to as many of your speeches as I could. I read what you stood for. I researched how you were going to accomplish change. And unfortunately, over the course of the last several months, I found myself doubting you. Wondering how you were going to accomplish so much change. And disagreeing with many of your ways of going about change.

I understand that everyone votes for different reasons, and I don't want to say that one reason is better than the next. But I hope that people voted for you for more than your eloquent speeches and the fact that you are different than McCain. EVERYONE wants change but I am still uncertain about exactly what the changes are and how you are going to implement them.

Tonight you spoke to me. You said that if you didn't receive my vote today then you would earn it. Today, I did not give you my vote. I wish I could have given it to you. I sincerely like you. I just don't know if I believe in you. And I refused to get caught up in the excitement of you and give you my vote without thoroughly thinking it through. But if you want to earn my support, I hope that you will. I hope you will be the greatest President of my generation. I hope that you implement changes that will protect my family for years to come. I hope our country will flourish under your direction.

You made history tonight. I will never forget what I witnessed. Don't let our country down Mr. President. Be honest. Be real. Change us for the better. That's all I ask. Then in 4 or even 8 years, maybe I can look back and say, "Yes, He did."


Diane Davis said...

the beauty of his speech is it isn't about him. it is about you. and it is about me. so let's work together so we don't let the country down.

Kristi said...

I don't make policies. I don't start wars. I don't end wars. i don't raise taxes. i don't lower taxes. i have nothing to do with healthcare. my opinions are not consulted on trade, immigration, etc.

there are things that matter to me that have absolutely nothing to do with how you and i work together.

he is the president.

that is why i wrote this post.

Diane Davis said...

i just read what i wrote and realize it could sound challenging. that wasn't my intent at all, so i apologize. i am just coming from the place that i think we all have a responsibility to find a passion and follow it and that will make such a difference. you do that every day, KT. i've bought into the community organizing message. but of course what you write is true, too. so if i offended, i'm sorry.

JD said...

Very well stated KT - and my sentiments exactly. I too hope for the best though I have great concerns and couldn't give him my vote either. Never been a Rep. or Dem. - hope to never be. Though being a Californian now it's the first time I've ever voted knowing it really doesn't matter - it's coming up blue regardless of how I vote. A little disconcerting - but hey - the weather's good.

Don said...

I agree with wrote exactly what I have been thinking. He is a BRILLIANT politician. I hope he will be a brilliant--heck, I'll settle for effective--president. His policies run counter to much (most) of what seems correct to me, but he's in the driver's seat now, with a turbo-charged Democratic Congress all revved to spend.

I hope that all the fears associated with his past turn out to be overstated.

It will be good not to have to hold your breath ever time you hear your president speak, wondering what kind of stupid comment he'll make. I just wish he could eliminate that "whistle" he makes whenever a word ends with an S. :) Maybe it'll grow on me.

Sarah B. said...

Great post Kristi...and I agree. He is a good "wooer". I did not vote for him yet I am excited for his win. My fear is that he has over-promised much can you really change in 4 years....but I don't want to be called a "Debbie downer" or anything....I do have hope and he was in my prayers last night before I went to bed and I even thanked God for him. And it wasn't

Lyn said...

Perfectly stated, Kristi! You certainly have a talent for expressing your thoughts beautifully. I appreciated what you had to say and agree 100%.

E said...

Well put. We're all in this together. Diplomatically, I think Obama's the facelift America needs. We've been the laughing stock/tyrant of the rest of the world for far too long.

christie walker said...

well said friend. well said.

Sassafrass said...

Kristi - This is the first post of yours I have ever read and I have to say I truly have respect for your honesty and your willingness to re-evaluate and change your opinion as you felt so led. I wish many others in this world had the same ability and humility.

The Unlikely Pastor's Wife said...

mmmm. Your letter moves me to tears.
Thanks for sharing your heart Kristi. I along with you hope that he can.