Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Day with God and a Tuna Sandwich.

Yesterday I spent the day at a beautiful beach house alone with God. I never went down to the water. But it was nice to open the blinds and see the ocean in front of me.

I prayed.
Played piano.
Read my Bible.
Listened to God.

It was good.

Even though I packed up my computer charger, it didn't make it into my bag. Apparently, I didn't need any distractions.

At lunch, I went down to a little gourmet sandwich shop and over tuna, read a fabulous book by a man named Richard Rohr. I will comment more on that book when I finish it. But it is expanding my mind of who God is. And who I am. And what prayer is. It's insanely profound.

All of this was not only for my own spiritual health but in preparation for Friday night - our Church's Night of Worship.

If you pray, will you pray for us? Pray for the evening. Pray for our spiritual, mental, and physical health. As I write this, I barely have a voice, my sister might have mono, and Heidi has lost her voice. Not good. Not good. Pray that we get healthy and everyone else stays healthy. Pray for what is said...what is unsaid. Pray that God will move beyond what we can possibly imagine. Pray that people will come...the people that need to be there. PRay that Satan will stay away. I believe in the battle between light and darkness...good and evil...and I'm witnessing it firsthand. We will overcome my friends. We're on the winning side!

If you want to come, please join us. We'd love to have you there. It is Friday night at 7:30. We are recording a live CD...we'd love to have as many people there as possible.


Lisa P said...

I love these days. I love what I learn on these days.

Thanks for sharing and no voice on a night of worship is horrible...but if you are leading? Well, we'll be praying.

nabz said...

i will be praying for you guys! i know what a powerful night it will indeed be. no matter what the enemy may try, God's plan will prevail. i only wish i could be there. i will really be praying for voices. i have lost mine at some of the most crucial times and yet God still did the miraculous usings other voices around me as i led. People's hearts will be softened and walls will come down to let in His presence. beautiful!!

Sarah B. said...

I will be praying...I did not know you were all getting sick. I am hosting a Potluck before we all head over and you would be invited but I figured you will be busy "preparing yourself". I am very excited for this evening and I am sure it will be wonderful. But still, I will be praying.

Kurt said...

it's going to be one spicy evening! Hey - I know It'll be great. Even if you are still sick - KT @ 40% is better than most people @ 100%. And I'm a pretty big fan of that Heidi chick too. She's hot.

JJ said...

Love Richard Rohr!

World of Wright said...

I am excited about Friday. I have a lot of people who I feel need to be there to see that church is not a place where you go to be judged but where you are welcomed and loved.
Every aspect of the event has been in my prayers from voices, to lights, equipment and especially our hearts and I trust that God will do great things regardless of what our bodies tell us we can't do.
If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask.

Rick said...

I agree completely with Kurt's first two sentences. I'd be in trouble with a lot of people if I agreed with the last two!

Sarah B. said...

Fine, I will say it. I am a fan of that Heidi chick, she's hot.

AMankin said...

prayers prayers and more prayers for you and the night of worship

discomommy said...

I am glad it was Tuna. I found a Bay burger menu in The Bible and thought you had gone to the dark side! You will do AMAZING!