Friday, November 14, 2008

If I end up dead in a ditch...

...Well, there may be more than one reason, but I would lean toward the fact that today at Henry's (a supermarket), a man was walking out and saw me checking my phone. He walked up to me and said, "Can I use your phone to call my wife?" I said, "Um, are you serious?" He said, "Yes." He was very breezy, like it wasn't weird at all that he was asking me to call his wife. And so out of the goodness of my heart, I replied, "uh...okay??" (With the inflection in my voice going up of course).

So I dial.

The I hand him the phone. And I said, "You aren't gonna run away with my phone are you?" And he said "And leave my Jumbo Shrimp? No."

So he leaves some random message to his so-called wife in Lake Forest, saying he would be home soon...oh, and that she had an appointment with one Dr. Tang at 1:45. Of course, while he is making this call, I noticed he had NO WEDDING RING ON!!! Which, in this day and age doesn't mean that you aren't married...but it is slightly alarming.

So he's done with the call. Says thanks. And then it hits me... THAT MAN NOW HAS MY PHONE NUMBER!!!! (Insert curse word of choice here).

So I watch him go to his car, all the while wondering if Serial Killers eat Jumbo Shrimp. He doesn't seem to be looking back and plotting any plans, but who knows?? He still has my phone number.

So guess who got a call tonight at 5:45?? Yep. Me.

He says, " this the girl who called my wife today?" And I said Yes. And he said, "Oh, don't worry, I'm not gonna keep calling you, but I saw this on my caller ID and wanted to see who it was." CLICK. I hung up. I was panicked. I was trying to remember from all those crime shows/movies I watch how many seconds it takes to track a call. I hope I cut it off in time.

If not, this could be my last post.


Heidi said...

In all seriousness here... change your number.

Kristi said...

I should note... HIS number was "restricted" I can't find him. But luckily...he can still find me.

Heidi said...

Good grief the story keeps getting worse. Seriously - call your provider and get a new number. It's probably nothing to worry about, but I wouldn't take any chances.

Don said...

Hmmmm.... That is a tough one. The guy couldn't really locate you unless he had access to tracking equipment--which is doubtful.

But, I agree with Heidi...change your number!

Lyn said...

Yikes! Do you want to come spend the night?

Diane Davis said...

definately creepy. just curious, did you have your kids with you? just wondering if a guy was hitting on you with kids in tow.

Kristi said...

Diane - yes I had Lexi. I don't think he was coming on to me. He probably just wants to kill me.

And if that is the case...I cleaned my house. It is spotless. That's why I'm getting to bed so late. But at least when someone discovers me in the house will be clean.

In all seriousness, I think I am a bit freaked out... I'm totally stalling going to sleep.

johnsonandjohnson said...

So, what your saying is, you picked up your phone to a total stranger, but not your sister? Interesting.

I would probably change my number too...that's just totally creepy.

edie said...

If not for your own peace of mind than do it for your readers. Change your number. Please.

the coxes said...

Oh my gosh! That is freaky!

Jon in HB said...

Were the shrimp fresh or frozen? Did he have cocktail sauce or lemons? Sorry, I'm a foodie and I kinda stopped paying attention after the jumbo shrimp thing.

christie walker said...

just plain creepy.

The Unlikely Pastor's Wife said...

ok. I just got off the phone from my police officer friend. He said to check out sites like yellowpages...or or and see if you enter your number any information comes up.
Otheriwse.....he said there really is no other way to get your information unless he has some kind of search warrant.
He think it's a nothing deal....and just a woman...we should never let someone use our cell phone unless it's an emergency.
He knows your probably still just look up to see if your info is even possible.....and hopefully that will make you feel better.

Sorry...I would be freaked too...(that's why i called my friend). Call me if you need a sleepover to calm the nerves :-)

Sarah said...


I hope you're still alive. If not, my children will happily bury you. (I'm about to blog on that)

Did you google your number? Did anything come up?

John B said...

A couple of weeks ago I had this happen twice in the same week! One time I was waiting for a mid-day train at the Anaheim Canyon station and this guy who got off a train going into Orange County asked if he could call his wife cause they kicked off the train 'cause he didn't have money for a ticket - I told him no, but felt guilty and gave him some change for the payphone.

A few days later I was at the Spectrum to see a movie and while I was waiting for my friend I was checking my email and some high school aged kid walked up and flatly said, Can I use your phone? with no explanation. I said No! I didn't feel guilty that time at all.

It is almost as though this is the new, Can you spare some change?

Totally creepy though - Give it a week before you change your number though - a lot of hassle if he doesn't call again -- you may just want to call them and explain the situation and have them trace the call that you received -- they probably can't give you his info, but can provide to the cops if it becomes necessary.