Saturday, October 18, 2008

ThAt WaS ChUrCh.

Today is my Birthday and I went to church. I was excited to see my friends Matt and Christie there and sitting with them made it even better.

The first song started (Blessed Be Your Name)...and I shut my eyes and began to sing. I felt someone slide in beside me and opened my eyes and was surprised to see my sister, her hubby, and baby Emily beside me.

Then I got to hold Emily.

Then we got to the chorus of the song, and my sweet tattooed, Jr. High Pastor friend Matt, lifted his hands in the air, singing at the top of his lungs, "Blessed be the name of the Lord, Blessed be Your name." This is a man that has become a part of my family...he and Christie come to our house, we laugh, we hang, we vacation together, we do life together. But to sit next to him and watch him worship. It moved me.

That moment, coupled with me holding my niece Emily, sitting in between my precious friends and family, was the sweetest Birthday gift I could have received. I felt so complete. I felt so much love. And I was moved to tears.

The night went on, and we heard the testimonies (stories) of 4 different people in our church that moved me in such a powerful way. The message was on "Community," and then my community (my circle of friends)...ate dinner with me downstairs. We talked, we laughed, we ate, we shared.

To me, that was church. And it was good.


Lisa P said...

I seriously resonate with you on this one--nothing moves me like the complete understanding and gratitude for the community with whom God's encased me. It is music that soothes my soul.

Happy birthday, by the way!

johnsonandjohnson said...

That's funny---I loved worshipping with Matt too. His enthusiasm in "I am Free" got me....

Glad you had a good was nice to see you even for a short while!

Love ya!

Brazenlilly said...

AWesome! That song always gets me. "You give and take heart will CHOOSE to say blessed be Your name." I'm glad you were having a day when the sun was shining down on you and the world was all as it should be. :) Love you!

AMankin said...

Awesome community is such a blessing! What a sweet birthday. Happy Day :)

World of Wright said...

Blessings are always found in the simple things.
Happy Birthday!

The Unlikely Pastor's Wife said...

Envisioning your moment brought me to tears.

God created us for community and when we are in's so amazing!
Yay for the best birthday gift ever!

mattwalker said...

It was really fun getting to spend your birthday with you at our awesome church.
Thanks for being such a great friend KT.
i look forward to many more Sat. Night Worship sessions.

christie walker said...

i love you KT!!
Everything worked out so well for Saturday! Happy birthday friend! I love our circle (inappropriate hand gesture)

SingingShrink said...

just got a happy feeling reading that