Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Question & Answer Time.

I have a question for you bloggers...why do my pictures on my blog look so tiny?'s like when you see cars from the top of the Empire State Building. They look like little itsy bitsy ants.

So if you can help me with that question....I will tell you the answer to what so many of you have asked me.

How do you find your stats????

ANSWER: Look up Blogger Analytics. It will help you find your stats. But I'm not very computer savvy (obviously), so you might have to contact Heidi at for your IT needs. She's very in the know and helped me set my analytics up long ago.


Jon in HB said...

Mine were like that for awhile too. On my mac I would google something to find the pic, then drag it from the google search on to the desktop to add it. I realized those were small thumbnail versions of the pic. I then began clicking on the pic and getting the big version and dragging that on to the desktop and I got bigger pics. Good luck.

Diane Davis said...

not sure. i use picasa which gives me a choice of three sizes.

off to heidi's blog to ask her what in the H you are talking about...

Ousizch said...

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Don said...

Jon was right about not dragging the little version of a pic...always make sure it's the biggest available form before dragging.

When you're uploading pics, be sure to do them FIRST, then write your copy. When you drag pics within the edit window, they will no longer expand when you click on them. It's a bit of a pain, but if you get in the habit of always planning out the order of pics BEFORE uploading, you never have problems, and the pics will expand to their largest form.

Pot Liquor said...

I can't help you with the picture editing problem, but I am following Diane. Thanks for the tip.