Friday, October 24, 2008

Food Review: Luigi's

This will only matter if you live in or around HB. Curtis and I had baby Emily today (my niece) and we wanted to go downtown and have lunch. The only rule? Try something new.

So we walked around. And around. What was new was not exactly what we wanted. But we opted for Luigi's. And I will make this short and relatively sweet in case the owner happens to read my blog.

The food was good but overpriced.

And, I've never been to an Italian restaurant where they didn't serve you bread first. Hello? This is why I GO to Italian restaurants.

So my thoughts? Serve bread and make the lunch menu less expensive. For the money I spent on my lunch, I could have had salad, bread, and the entree for the same price at the OG. (Olive Garden)

These are just my thoughts. They are here to help you diners out there make informative decisions.



christie walker said...

See Matt and I LOVE that place!!! Great to go when the Lakers are on. I hate OG's a lot. I really like the bread and oil/vinegar at Luigi's. I don't really like pasta and such and think they have good choices for me. (or they used too anyways)

Kristi said...

Christie - are you sure you mean Luigi's? Not Luggatis? Luigi's is right beside starbucks. Luggatis is closer to the beach. At Luigi's - they have NO BREAD & oil/vinegar.... if they had, it would have been a better review! :o) Or maybe they just don't serve it at lunch?

Lyn said...

Next time you must try Basilico's - but they aren't open for lunch. We've been to Luigi's a couple of times and I remember it being just okay. I remember having to ask for bread, but do't remember if we got any. I think they're in the Entertainment Book though, or at least they used to be.

Hope you are having a nice quiet evening. Emily went right to sleep :)

AMankin said...

thanks for the heads up-see you soon! HAve you picked out a time for us to play?? Remind me when the girls are in school/you are working.