Friday, October 3, 2008

Target is a Laxative.

Surely you remember the story of the POOPY ooze and the Target Cart. I swear, it never fails that going to Target will make Lexi poop at LEAST 1-2 times each trip. Last night was no exception..

Here's the situation.

Our community has a parking issue. And that issue is there is no parking. (Not to mention, we have no garage). SO... Curtis went out with his friends, and in order to make sure he had our parking spot when he came back, I needed to leave mine where it was parked. Problem: I needed dishwashing detergent and juice for the kids. And I am way to OCD to let my kitchen be messy, and too lazy to wash dishes by hand. to Target we must go.

We walk. 7:30pm.

Not even ten minutes after getting to Target, I hear Haley's all too familiar announcement, "Moooommmmm, Lexi pooped." AWESOME. And no, I have no diaper bag. I will NEVER learn.

So we spread our brilliant smell all over Target. If you were in the dishwashing detergent aisle, the Star Wars toy aisle, or the juice aisle last night...You are Welcome.

Moral of this story? Feeling backed up, bloated, constipated??? Head to Target. It works for us.