Monday, August 4, 2008


I have loved Pat and Sandy for 9 years now. I loved Pat & Sandy before Pat and Sandy were Pat & Sandy. Pat sang at my wedding. Pat drove my stuff in a big ol' truck from Vegas to Cali and moved me into my home and endured Curtis' bossing him around to hang ceiling fans which almost resulted in the loss of his and Bill R.'s life. Sandy made me laugh. She put up with my crazy expectations of juggling a full-time job, motherhood, and all my rehearsals when we worked together in Vegas. She loved me as her leader even though I made countless mistakes. She wiped tears from my eyes. I've wiped tears from hers. We have lived life together. We are forever friends.

When Pat & Sandy got of the best things that came out of that was combining their families. Sandy has two beautiful girls that used to sit and eat their McDonald's happy meals while I rehearsed with Sandy. Now these beautiful girls come down to California every summer for a week and love on my beautiful girls. I can't begin to describe how special that is. Truly...I'm sitting here trying to find the words to tell you what it means to me...and my fingers and my mind can't find them.
So I will just say this.... I love that I have friends that I don't see all the time, but it as if time has not passed. I love that I have friends who see past all the faults that I have in my life and choose to love me anyway. Friends that are older than me and pass on precious wisdom. Friends that encourage. Friends that endure.

Pat & Sandy...Thank you for our time together last was more special than you will ever know.

Here are some fun pics from the days we spent together....


edie said...

There are few things better in life than the type of friends you mention. Glad you had such a great week.