Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Breaking the Silence.

My husband is out of town again. Amazing that even though we are thousands of miles apart, our minds think alike. I was thinking of posting a blog today on our house(s) situation. It's not something I talk about in detail except to a few people who don't mind hearing about it. It's all a major bummer...and I don't like dwelling in the sadness of it all. But Curtis wrote everything there is to you can read the saga on his blog if you'd like. - or just click on CTEdwards over on my blog link.

The reason I was going to post this information was to simply ask for prayer. We need some closure in our lives.


Amanda said...

lots of prayers and love for you guys--we love you so much. I wish I had some witty something to add.....hugs!

Pot Liquor said...

I will stand with you in prayer.

Joshua 23:14

Help Kristi and Curtis to rely on your faithfulness during this time of crisis. Help them to hold on to your promises. Father, remember your promises to them.
In Jesus' name,

discomommy said...

I am so troubled for you guys. I know you just want this resolved one way or another. i think CT is right, it is best to do it right now when millions of other people are going through it. 2008 has been quite a drag for you guys but I think things will be awesome in '09!!!