Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fun in the Sun.

Palm Desert. Relaxation. Fun. Family. Friends.

Here's a look at what we've been up to...

Day 1.
Curtis' mom rode up with us giving us the evening to ourselves so we could enjoy a night out. Dinner at the La Quinta Cliffhouse. Perfection.

Day 2.
We hit the pool which of course had a waterslide.

That evening, Matt & Christie came up and joined us, as well as Granddad Bruce. We all went to dinner at Pacifica Seafood and had a fabulous dinner together.

Lexi helped Christie get ready.

And doesn't she look pretty now?

DaY 3.
Grandma & Granddad took the kids to the pool while we went to a timeshare presentation. We didn't buy one this time (although Matt & I had to practically drag Curtis out of there.) But we did leave with $100 each to Morton's Steakhouse.
We had a lovely dinner together that evening, and though I will spare you the details...have decided to reengage my commitment to not eating red meat ever again. Not worth the repercussions.

Day 4.
Grandparents are gone. Matt & Christie are gone. But the fun lives on. Curtis took the kids to the movie theater here on the property to watch Charlotte's Web this morning while I relaxed and watched CNN (I'm a Convention junkie). Then we played at the pool for several more hours. Took LONG naps. Had a great dinner. Got a new Camera. Relaxing.

All is well. Vacations Rock.


johnsonandjohnson said...

yay for vacations....I am so jealous!

Lyn said...

Me, too! But glad you are having such a nice time. You needed it. Enjoy every minute! See you Saturday.

Jen White said...

oooooooo sounds nice!

Jewels said...

ummm can I please live your life??? Florida and Palm Springs. Man I thought two days at the river was relaxing but I think living in a hotel with room service and taking all these trips sound a lot better.

SingingShrink said...

I can't wait until next August when I get to go on vacation! Although I did go on a waterslide last weekend and got to technically call it work because it was for CHLA!

Heidi said...

Sounds like you guys are having lots of fun - I'm glad!