Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pantry Week Night 5 & 6

I was reminded tonight that I failed to post my Night 5 & 6. It was a rough few days in mommyland... so by the end of the night, I just wanted sleep. But I am back with pictures to prove that Pantry Week continued.

Night 5...

A lovely pasta / salad/ with homemade garlic/cheese biscuit. (I GOTTA HAVE BREAD WITH MY PASTA...please note that I needed it so bad, it was half eaten by the time I took this picture.)

Night 6....

Tacos. We seem to have plenty of Mexican food around here. And I sure don't mind. Curtis grilled himself up a hamburger... double patty with cheese. I threw up in my mouth when I looked at it, so I didn't take a picture.

So tomorrow was supposed to be my shopping day, but I had to break the rules a bit and go today cause my schedule is messed up tomorrow. So the pantry is once again restocked and we are ready to rock! Looking forward to another pantry week. But don't worry... I'll spare you the pictures unless something fascinating comes up!


Judi said...

Hi--Recently I found an interesting cook on You Tube...Clara, a 90+ yr old grandmother who cooks depression era foods for her family and they taped it...she's endearing and interesting. Thought you might like to see her, too. I chose 2.

World of Wright said...

Today is my blog reading day. After seeing you last night I thought I should catch up and see what's up and what better way than read your blog (being busy sux!).
Anyway...LOVE your pantry idea. I think of how often I say "ther is nothing to cook" yet not one of my pantry shelves is bare.
You have inspired me :)
BTW...It was fun to see you rock out with wreckless abandon last night.