Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I can't move my arms.

I decided to start working out. Just for kicks. And there have been a lot of kicks. Literally.

But here's the cool thing.... it wasn't a NY Resolution... it's not in an attempt to get skinny (although that would be sweet)... it was just something I thought I would try with some friends. And now I feel totally addicted. I am loving it.

My favorite experience so far is when I decided to take a class called 24Set. Only because online it said...step/weights/ and easy to learn movements. Um YEAH! I call that FALSE ADVERTISING. There was nothing easy about it. In fact, my friend showed up because she wanted to "support me." And with her sweet voice said, "just so you know, when I'm in my best shape...this class is hard for me." SWEET. Cause I am totally new to working out people.

And yeah, I was completely over my head. When I walked in, there was a swarm of tiny, in shape people stacking things, picking out weights, loading up their bars, pulling out hand weights, and I just stood there. Like a chick that has just hatched looking at the world and thinking, "what just happened??????" I finally couldn't fake it any more and had to ask for help...

There were about 6 specific times when I thought I would throw up but I made it through.

Yesterday I took a TKB class (Turbo Kick Boxing)... and let's just say I looked like a person with special needs. Seriously.

But I really like PILATES. And I really like Yoga.

Today I took a Yoga class from the same crazy lady that taught 24Set. And that was some legit yoga. Hard. But it felt good. Although each time I am in that room with a bunch of people in squat positions and various other strange positions... I keep waiting for someone to pass gas... It has to happen... there is no way to be in those positions and not let one fly at some point. In fact, waiting for that to happen might just keep me going back to Yoga.

One other thing I am struggling with is getting sweaty a lot and having to wash my hair... because ya'll know I'm a blonde. And I dye my hair brown...and I can't afford to dye it more frequently... so I am trying to figure out how to work out without sweating on my head, so I don't have to wash it very often. Any ideas?

Oh, and I can't move my arms. And my legs are mad at me. It hurts to even lift my arm to brush my teeth...or to sit on the toilet. I swear even the pores on my face hurt. But it's good. I like it.

So who's in? Let's work out together. At the very least, I can offer you a giggle. Because it is REALLY funny to watch me work out!


Kipp said...

i worked out today at lunch. i ran two miles, biked 8 miles and did 200 crunches (seriously, i am not joking, my goal is to get into shape).

Kristi said...

o snap!

Good for you Kippy!

Let's work out sometime!!!!! :)

Heidi said...

I'm doing low impact cardio 60 minutes a day, six days a week - and would love to work out with you sometime. I don't have a gym memberbership though, so I'm just doing it at home. Maybe we can go speed walking together or something sometime.

Diane Davis said...

i am NOT NOT NOT a morning person but i'm thinking about joining a 6am boot class by the lake and near my house... i think it might not only be a good workout, but a lesson in discipline for me...

good job rocking it out, gf!

Cindy said...

I love pilates . . . and walking . . . 20 minutes 3 times a week and pilates kicks my caboose . . . Shae and I are going to start yoga . . . at least she wants me too . . . I always feel great after . . . it's just getting out there and doing it . . . xoxo

AMankin said...

I cant do anything until after Feb 1. I tried running down the hall to get Mallory at preschool (I was late picking her up) and OUCH! Let's just say I'm with you in spirit but not body just yet!

angelina said...

Google Reader just recommended your blog to me, and I have to let you in on my workout secret...I have very difficult hair and don't like to wash it very often, so dry shampoo has been my best friend. You can find it at nearly any beauty supply shop and it will change your life!