Monday, January 25, 2010

Today at Yoga...

Have I mentioned how much I love yoga? Especially on Mondays. What a great way to start off the week!

Each time I go, I feel so much more comfortable and am having fun experimenting with all the crazy poses.

Our instructor is amazing. She is hard but also encouraging. And I like that she throws in some "Jesus Music" (as my kids would say)... it centers me, and focuses me on what is important.

Today, as the instructor was walking around the room "fixing people" (adjusting arms, legs, etc.), I was certain she was going to come to me... I kept checking my poses in the mirror, and they looked alright, but I'm new at who knows. So, I kept expecting her to come over and fix me. But she never did.

I thought to myself... "hmm... I must be getting pretty good at this"... and right about that time, we switched to a new pose and I got a wiff of my stinky self, and realized without a doubt that it was my sweaty stench keeping her away from me.

Ego deflated.

Maybe I'm not so good after all. Just average. And stinky.


christie walker said...

I knew you love yoga. We must go together. There is a great class by our houses at 24