Monday, January 28, 2008


This morning we were playing an Elmo story on Sesame Workshop which focused on Elmo going potty. So I decided today was the day to get the potty out. She was very excited and started laughing when I got it out of the closet. We then proceeded to spend the next half hour in the bathroom playing with the toilet. I "demonstrated" and she watched closely. There was a lot of lifting the lid, shutting it, and sitting halfway on it (with her clothes on of course.) She wasn't too interested in it after that, although every time she walked by the bathroom she would say "potty" without even glancing in...almost like she was just checking it off the "to do", yes, my potty is in there, now where is my babydoll?

Fast forward to this evening...we tried again before we had was a no go. Then before bath time, Haley told Lexi to sit down and go potty...and she did as well. Then Haley said, "hey, Lexi is going pee-pee." Curtis said, "no, that's you" and she said, "no, i'm all done." Then Lexi stood up, and wadda you know, there was a puddle of pee. AMAZING! We were all excited, jumping up and down, and she was looking at us like we had 3 heads. She didn't quite understand the whole event. But we were super proud of her. Now we just have to see if we have what it takes to pursue is such an undertaking.

In other Lexi news.... I was talking this morning to a girl (in our little kid art class) who was our server the other night at a restaurant called TUNA TOWN...which is an AMAZING sushi spot downtown HB that is owned by the lead singer of KORN. Anyway, Lexi heard me say TUNA TOWN, and she has been walking around saying TUNA all day. If you watch the OFFICE, you know that Andy Bernard calls Jim "BIG TUNA" I've been calling Lexi "little Tuna." I don't know, but it is just hilarious to watch a 20 month old walking around saying TUNA...TUNA...TUNA...


MamaLyn said...

So proud of Little Tuna!!

Brazenlilly said...

I immediately thought of Andy and Jim when you said Tuna. :) She is so adorable. So, when do you kick it into high gear with the potty-training? Please let me know, because I know he's a boy and they supposedly take longer, but we'll be embarassed if Lexi is potty-trained before Carson. ;)