Monday, January 21, 2008


To my readers (I love having readers)....

My apologies...apparently, I am not so hip on the ways of Hollywood. The Jonas Brothers taped on Thursday, but it aired today. I was not on it. So for those of you who tivod it looking for delete. I am not there. But maybe you will see the girl we stood in line next to who arrived Thursday am at 2:30 IN THE MORNING to be in the audience of that show. She is a part of the throngs of 13 year olds aforementioned. But I digress...

No Jonas Brothers today... It was Kelly Pickler (and it will air tomorrow - Tuesday). But for those of you who tivoed it looking for delete AGAIN. I was in the riff-raff room. (Where they put the people or LOSERS who didn't have enough seats to be in the real room.) But there are 2 good sides to make that 3.

1. They encourage you to dance and "keep the energy up." Ellen decides if she will grace the riff-raff room with her presence by the energy that is coming out of there. So, my mom took that quite literally and was up on the furniture dancing. I would had to have seen it to believe it. It was quite something...she definitely came out of her shell! I loved it.

2. Ellen apparently did like my mom's dancing and the rest of the "energy", so she graced us with her presence.. I suddenly came out of my shell as well, and walked up beside her and danced with her...I was seriously right beside her. And on a side note...she is ADORABLE. So super cute!

3. We have guaranteed tickets and get to go back and actually SIT in the audience on March 17th, so we have that to look forward to.

After the taping, we went to Universal City Walk and ate a nice dinner at the Daily Grill. It was a great day!


Lyonslove said...

I really wish I would have known this information before I took like 2 hours to watch Monday's shows. Every time they showed the crowed I watched it in slow-mo! I will watch Tuesdays and look for you anyways. How fun that you got to dance with her! And that you get to go back in March! I also love that I am one of your readers.