Friday, December 7, 2007

White Christmas...a Teary Rendition.

When Curtis and I lived in Las Vegas, we tried to come back every year for Christmas and go to Disneyland. I remember one year very clearly. We were standing by 'It's a Small World' to watch the fireworks. This was the first year of the now infamous snow at Disneyland. Up until that point, I had been unsure about having kids. Not so much about having them in general, but rather when I was ready. That night (5 years ago) as we watched the snow begin to fall, I watched a Dad put his little girl on his shoulders and reach out to play in the snow. The joy on their faces melted my heart, and it was at that very moment that I knew I wanted a child. Funny thing is, I never shared this story with Curtis. It was just a personal moment for me. Imagine the feeling I had the other night when Curtis was leading our crowd of friends over to watch the fireworks and the snow. I wanted to go to Main Street, but Curtis thought it would be too crowded, so we went to stand in front of 'It's a Small World.' It was the very same spot that we stood in five years ago. Can you imagine what it did to my soul when I watched Curtis put Haley on his shoulders to play in the snow? Not to mention that the most beautiful, tender arrangement of 'White Christmas' was playing in the background while the snow was falling. Tears were falling and my heart has never felt more completely full and content.

Lexi in her OCD fashion was more concerned about cleaning the "snow" off of Mommy than the actual enjoyment of the snow.

Haley , Luke, & Lexi enjoying the fireworks....


Diane Davis said...

I forgot to tell you... I loved this post and read it to Brian. He is convinced that it was him you saw those years ago. He's such a goof. But he did say he was standing in the It's a Small World Section with Taylor on his shoulders when they were both laughing and playing in the fake snow. It's a great memory for him so we'll just let him think he was "the one."

The Craftypigs said...

Ya Ya! We had such a good time too. I have a picture of both our husbands with the kids on their shoulders. I too was just a pile of goosh.