Monday, December 31, 2007

A glimmer of hope...

Haley is 3...she'll be 4 in January. "Janwary twenty-furd" she'll proudly say (as she has been saying since January 24th of 2007... always looking ahead that one! :o) If you know Haley at all, you know we were blessed with the most stubborn, strong-willed child on the face of this earth. It's okay though...her parents are the same way, so we rightfully acknowledge that this is the beauty of inheritance. Regardless, not a day goes by without some sort of battle. But since Christmas, it has been taken to a different level. Largely in part by her schedule being totally jacked by two parents who had to be at church for so many hours in the course of a week, and dragging them along with us half the time. Naps were lost and so was sanity. In keeping with that theme, Haley decided not to nap since Christmas, leading to a stubborn, strong-willed, TIRED & GRUMPY child...ready to break down if the wind blows to hard. So where is the glimmer of hope as the title suggested you ask? Well, she napped yesterday for 2 1/2 hours, and not to jinx anything, but she seems to be napping right now as well. Life is so much better with naps!!!!!!

But here is another glimmer of hope, and much more meaningful one. As strong-willed as my daughter is, she is a beautiful, caring, generous soul. I pray over her, with her, and for her so that her strong will might prove itself a tremendous asset as she grows older. I pray that she will stand up for herself, injustice, for her beliefs, and for others. I know that she will do amazing things with her life...although I'm sure every parent thinks the same. Before I end this blog, I just wanted to share with you an example of her caring heart....

Setting: Breakfast table, Haley & Myself (Lexi, our snoozer still sleeping.)
Food: Oatmeal
Scenario as follows:

Haley - I don't want anymore of this oatmeal...I don't like it.
Mom - Haley, we need to be grateful for the food that we have....insert explanation of the millions of children who don't have food.
Haley - Why don't they have food Mommy?
Mom - Because they don't have enough money or they live in a place that doesn't have enough food for them to eat. Insert explanation of sometimes Mommys & Daddys don't have jobs/money to buy food for kids.
Haley - hmmm...well, that's okay. If they don't have food they can come to our house and eat.
Mom- Oh Haley, that would be nice. I love that you think of other people and that you want to take care of them.
Haley - and if they don't have a house, they can stay in ours and sleep here.
Mom- That would be so nice Haley....insert more happy and encouraging thoughts to build up my daughter.
Haley - grabbing my hand says " Mommy, God's son will help us."
Mom - tear drop streaming down my cheek...speechless.


AMankin said...

sweet sweet little girl!