Friday, December 28, 2007

Our Visit With Santa.

Last week we took a morning to go visit with Santa. I knew that Lexi wouldn't be too excited about it since we had a brief experience at a Christmas party the week before when Santa dropped in and Lexi wanted NOTHING to do with him. But alas, I wanted to get some good pictures, so I decided to torture my child again. So we hopped in the car and headed to (as I described to Haley), one of Santa's "vacation homes" which happened to be at Fashion Island in Newport Beach. What better place to have a vacation home?

We arrived around 10:30am so it wasn't crowded at all. In fact, there was only one family in front of us. When the family ahead of us went in, we heard the rumor that the camera wasn't working. GREAT! I thought to myself...I have my own camera and won't have to buy any of the packages that cost approximately $50 for 1 5x7. This is perfect! And since the camera was broken, they gave us coupons to ride the carousel as well! Man, this is definitely going our way. Then, the door to Santa's house closed. Hmm... What is happening? Out comes a beautiful woman who began to explain that she was going to have to shut down Santa's house to try to fix the camera and it would take 15-20 minutes. Bummer.. (On a side note, the "beautiful woman" talking was a long lost friend from high school who now runs special events at Fashion it was nice to catch up.) But I digress. They told us we would have to wait to have our pictures taken...and we did. Of course, I am also a little bummed because now I WILL have to buy one of those fancy picture packages. We waited and waited...and eventually Santa himself came out to us. He didn't think we should have to wait any longer. So we took our pictures with Santa (Lexi was very reluctant but finally came around as long as I went with her.) He gave us coloring books and then we rode the carousel and went home. It was a perfect morning....

Haley peeking in Santa's house while we were waiting.

Haley - "I would like a bike for Christmas."
Santa - "Do you have a helmet Haley?"
Haley - "Yes"
Santa - "Cause I can only bring you a bike if you promise to wear a helmet."
Mom - I love a Santa who believes in safety first!!!!

Haley could not be happier! And please take a close look at this Santa...I think he is the real deal.

Mom - "Lexi, it's your turn."

Lexi staging a sit-in. "PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME SEE THAT BIG RED MAN!!!!"

We did end up getting a group shot...although Lexi still refused to look at him!


Lyonslove said...

Santa pictures are the best. Your girls are so cute!

The Craftypigs said...

And so the lie goes on. I love it. Who knew telling such a radical and outrageous story could be so much fun? Big question is, did Santa bring the bike? Of course...just like he brought the best cymbals you can buy for Colin. Crazy! Love the pics. You went all out with the green and red. Can I tell you how glad I am to have a boy?