Monday, April 19, 2010

Picture Books.

I like looking at pictures. Sometimes more than words. For example....I usually read PEOPLE magazine more often than a wordy novel. (Which to be honest is a time thing more than anything else.) So for that reason, I thought I would just post some recent pics...with a word or two about each one to kinda catch you up on our life since I was missing from the blogosphere for awhile...

We spent a little time in Old World.

My sister had a beautiful baby girl named Kinley Grace. And I obviously need more pictures of her since I only have the delivery pictures to show.

But with the baby, came more time for me to spend with my niece, Emily.

Lexi and I went to the park with Cousin Emily.

We enjoyed the California Sun and have had some fun Beach Days.

We rode some tiny trains.

This came home in Haley's weekend packet...apparently she's really good at math!

She was also picked to help lead in chapel.

Peter Pan and Tink showed up at the house!

And my sweet husband made us some yummy homemade pizzas! That's Amore.

We've had some good times lately.

And that concludes my Picture Book.

The end.


Lyn said...

I love your picture book!

johnsonandjohnson said...

Emily loved the pictures but was slightly disappointed that there are no videos. She keeps asking to watch the video. She giggled at the picture of her and Lexi on the slide. She loves her HaleyLexi