Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How Does OctoMom do it?

Last night I went to Disneyland with 3 other friends of mine. Friends who happen to be moms. They each have 2 kids. After we arrived, we met up with Mandy's sister and her friend and 2 more kids. Then another mom, Metta, joined us along with her 2 kids. So to recap... we have 7 adults. 12 kids. We were outnumbered.

Oh, and Disneyland AND California Adventure were both SOLD OUT! Just what I love...a good, nice quiet day at Disneyland. Here are some highlights of the event.

Mandy with all the Kiddos.

Lexi running off with someone's drink. I don't know whose it was. Seriously.

Kayden & Haley

Midway through a Sugar High

I got stressed and turned to junk food.

Karey & Metta and their posse.

Haley entertaining the youths with bubbles while waiting for the parade.

Gracie & Lexi waiting for the parade.

And alas...

We overcame tears, fights, disappearing children, long lines, greasy food, tired babies...and we had a great time.


AMankin said...

sounds great! (except the sold out part) we might need another trip soon-Mallory keeps asking to ride things...

Brazenlilly said...

"Jasmine"'s wig is my favorite.