Monday, May 25, 2009

So sad...

We watched Jon & Kate tonight.
It made me really sad.

You've all heard the stories. He cheated. She cheated. He said. She said. Whatever.

The show told us tonight all I needed to know. This couple is hurting. Their family is falling apart.

And it makes me really sad.

I've read a lot of what Kate has said about traveling....working...trying to do so much to provide for her kids. We had her speak at our church not to long ago. I know how much she gets for a speaking engagement. I've heard how much she makes per episode. I can only imagine what her publishing royalties...dvd profits...etc. are.

Obviously enough to provide for a beautiful new home. A home that they showed on the episode tonight. But it was so sad. So lonely. So empty. All I could think about was how all that "work" to provide for your kids means NOTHING if your family is falling apart.

At the end of the show, they were actually sitting together. Their body language told the whole story. They went after each other without saying a word. Both said the reason they live, eat, breathe is for "their kids."

Can I just say that when you base your whole world around your kids...everything else is going to suffer. Kids deserve our absolute best. But if my relationship with my childrens' father is hurting....then the kids are going to hurt too.

I've been taught my whole life:
God first.
Spouse second.
Kids third.

It always feels a little weird to say that. To think it. To live it. Because it seems like the kids are getting short changed. But the only way the get short changed is when those first 2 relationships are suffering.

One only has to look at Jon & Kate to see that story unfolding.

So I hope they make it through this. I hope all of our relationships make it. Tonight just reminded me of what was important. I don't always put God first. I don't always put my husband before my kids. But I know I need to. That is how I can give my kids the very best.


Lyn said...

Beatiful, Kristi. I, too, watched with sadness. You put into words what I could not. And I think you do a great job in prioritizing your life and family. Have a happy day with your family! I love you.

VikingMom said...

We watched it with the same eyes as you last night--it was utterly depressing to see them falling apart. When your life becomes all about the kids--there's nothing left for eachother. (You stated it so much better than I ever could.) It seems to me that our culture these days goes: Kids first, Wealth second, Spouse third...God? He's at the bottom of the list or just part of the child's life enrichment activites--certainly not something for adults.

Rick said...

One of my favorite sayings: "The best thing a father can do for his kids is to love their mother." Staying together "for the sake of the children" usually does more harm than good. I'm sure you thank God often for choosing Don and Lyn (and Bruce and Connie) to be your parents. And when Haley and Lexi are grown they will thank Him for choosing you and Curtis as their parents.

Heidi said...

Oh wow.... what a great post.

I did not watch the show - but am saddened to hear about that has happened with them.

Brazenlilly said...

I have heard the same saying Rick quoted and think it is so true. A strong marriage is one of (the?) best gift you can give your children. Security, love, examples. I guarantee they want that more than a beautiful home. I hope Jon & Kate can figure out how to do that.

christie walker said...


My dad always said that. When I was a kid I totally felt ripped off, but I totally understand that now (though i don't have kids yet) but that's how you should try and live. We all know that, that order can easily get mixed up.

I also don't think that is their family is falling about why would you show that on t.v.? Makes me wonder if it is for publicity. And when is enough, well enough. They have made a very nice living for themselves. How much more does one family need?

Angie said...

Great post Kristi - AMEN!! :)