Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Tomato Seed That Started it All...

I have thought about blogging for quite awhile, but for various reasons haven't done, that changed. Why? Because as I was snuggling with Haley today, she pointed to the zit on my chin and said "Mom, the bump on your face looks like a tomato know? This bump (as she is poking my face)... Yep, a tomato seed, that's what it is." That was it for me...the thoughts of my children should be shared with the world....Maybe that will help me remember their thoughts as time goes on. Now, since I have read a blog or two, I thought it would be nice to take a picture of said Tomato Seed, however, when I went to get my camera, I noticed the battery was missing. Yes, my digital camera is sitting naked on the kitchen table with it's battery missing. I called Curtis in Orlando to see if he took it, but alas...he did not. So somehow my 3yr. old is more brilliant with cameras than I, since I often struggle with how to get the battery out. So there are no pictures of my zit. I know you are disappointed. Perhaps I can take a picture when the battery is retreived...assuming my 1 yr. old didn't swallow it.