Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Date Night Fun

My Aunt Judi is in town and volunteered to watch the kids for me. AFter having Curtis out of town for a week, this was AMAZING I took her up on it without a second thought. I booked a hotel on priceline and we escaped in the early afternoon to go up to the Disney Resort Area. We checked into the hotel, and into our killer room for $45. It was amazing...then we took the shuttle over to Disney and pretended to be tourists. It was all well and good until we noticed there were "pageant girls" on our bus. So of course, we had to start listening to their conversations. You must understand, beauty pageants for young girls (Not Jon-Benet young - that is even more weird) freak me out...that's so not me, but I'm about as un-girly as they come. I just don't understand this culture. And so we listened...and still walked away confused. Did I mention the reason we could tell they were pageant girls is that they were wearing tieras and had sashes on? at DISNEYLAND????!!!!????

I digress...we got off the bus, and went to the AMC theaters to catch 'Fred Clause'...which was hilarious. Vince Vaughn to me is the most hilarious guy in the world and he did not disappoint. The cast was also stellar - Paul Giamatti, Kathy Bates, and my fave - Kevin Spacey. I will say, that I shed a few tears...but I am very sentimental with anything Christmas and anything with it did pull on the heartstrings. Who new a Vince V. film could do that? Overall, it was a fun Christmas film that I wouldn't mind owning and watching again next Christmas. AFter the movie we ate dinner at Tortilla Jos and then headed over to the parks. It really wasn't crowded for a holiday week, and we rode everything we wanted to ride - even the new NEMO ride which I give 2 thumbs fun. We headed back to the hotel and I will leave the rest of those details out. But get this - with the shades down, and no kids to tap us on the shoulder and say "Good Morning" we didn't wake up until 9:30. That was AMAZING! When we checked out we decided to get some breakfast, so we pretended like we were elderly, and headed over to COCO's. Only to discover MORE PAGEANT's like they were cloning themselves...girls with painted faces and tieras everywhere. AAGH!!!!!

With date night/day coming to an end, I had to go pick up Haley at her swim class only to discover her on the floor screaming with 5 adults around her and blood everywhere...poor thing had hit her mouth on the side of the pool and busted her lip open... she was okay, but it was a sudden jolt back to reality....