Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Scratchy Dishes.

I got kinda bummed putting my dishes away today. I noticed a lot of them are pretty scratched up. They were a wedding present, so to be fair they are over ten years old. But still, the scratches are hard for OCD people like me.

But as I bent over the sink, holding a plate in my hand, I started thinking about how many times those dishes were used. How many birthdays, dinners with family, parties with friends...How many good stories were shared over dinner....How much laughter filled the room over many brownies were eaten while watching our favorite shows like Survivor or LOST.

And as each moment filled my mind, I started to like the way my scratchy dishes looked...because etched into each one, are sweet, precious memories.


Lisa P said...

Such a great example of how life is all in the perspective you take. Thank you for that.

MyOhMy said...

That is a sweet thought. If your OCD takes over and you handle it any more there is a cleaner for that. It's from the metal marks from your fork and knife - the corelle store (on-line and the outlets) it comes in a bottle and looks like lotion - it makes them nice and white again - just sayin' - cheaper than new dishes.