Sunday, September 6, 2009


My Mom and Dad turned 60 this year. My mom thought it would be fun to surprise Pops on his we had a little family surprise dinner catered by one of his favorite restaurants...Maggianos.

Curtis is getting into the spirit of things.

The decor is set.

The guests have arrived.

Reading his card from the grandkids that Haley wrote which reads, "Papa, for your birthday we are taking you and Grandma to Sea World."

I told my mother that Jennifer (my sister) and I wanted them both to have a special memory for their 60th Birthdays. (My mom turned 60 in June)... and that made mom a bit emotional. This is where I inherited my gift of "happy tears."

At the Disney World Castle, the princesses go from table to table and take pictures with the guests. After dinner, Haley dressed up as Cinderella and went around from person to person, asking me to take pictures. I thought that was very sweet.

Lexi dressed as Belle and took a picture with Auntie Jen.

Papa and Belle.

Cinderella and Daddy.

By the time we got around to taking a pic with Haley/Emily/Lexi...Haley got a little bored with it all.

Then Snow White arrived, and asked to dance with her "handsome prince." Priceless moment.

Time for some Mini Creme Brulees.

An after-dinner concert.

Haley singing one of the songs she wrote.

.....We went to Sea World on Saturday. I didn't take to many pictures, but these are some of my favorites.

This Walrus came over to the girls for several minutes....I think he really liked them.

Walrus Hug.

My Polar Bears.

Haley and Emily...sweet kisses.

Nighttime with Shamu and the family.

Lexi got her glow on.

And if you keep track...this is the first Shamu show I have ever watched without crying happy tears. I think it had to do with Shamu jumping to "We will Rock You" instead of some sappy emotional song. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful show...even more special with a sleeping Lexi in my arms.

Goodnight sweet baby.

Sweet Snuggles after a fun day.

Happy Birthday Dad... hope you enjoyed your day as much as we did!


Diane Davis said...

looks like a really great day. your girls are really sweet... love that. AND, holy cow, i've never seen a walrus like that... very cool pictures. you're parents are both hotties! :)

Don said...

It was such a great week...thanks to you and Jennifer for all the special memories!! The surprise dinner, the day at SeaWorld, all of it. It actually made turning 60 a painless experience!!! You and Jennifer and your men have made us so proud. Love you all!!

(HAHA my word verification for this is "fulteet" -- I guess lactation and birthdays kinda go together!)

Cindy said...

You will look back on this day and never forget the feelings it brought with it . . . enjoy the family and the many b-days to come . . . xoxo

Lyn said...

Loved all the birthday celebrations, loved Sea World with the fam, loved the post, and most of all, I love my wonderful family! You are all so precious to me.

Brazenlilly said...

NOTHING wrong with happy tears! I am a frequent producer myself. I'm loving the girls' short haircuts! And happy b-day to Don & Lyn!