Sunday, July 5, 2009

Gone Fishin'

Last week... my sweet, wonderful, darling husband gave me the most precious gift of all....alone time. I am borderline introverted, and if I don't have time by myself to regroup, I begin to struggle. We had been through a period of crazy schedules and consequently, I had no time to myself which means everything around me begins to suffer. Sensing that, Curtis calls me up one day and lets me know that he wants to take the girls away to the mountains for a couple of days. Can you believe it? Yeah, he is pretty awesome.

And thanks to a sweet couple of friends, Curtis had a beautiful home to go to in the mountains and Daddy and his girls had a wonderful time together.


Heidi said...

So sweet... I'm glad Curtis and the girls had fun; and I'm glad that you got a chance to re-charge!!

Brazenlilly said...

That's awesome! Way to go, curtis. Plus, that's dangerously close to an OREGON-type activity. Love it!

Dionne Sincire said...

the girls look like they had a blast! the proof is in the pudding..., yes curtis is a keeper!