Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I am going to try and put in words what I experienced last night, although I will not be able to do it justice.

I love to worship.

I am a worshiper.

I love music.

Especially when it is good.

Combining good music & worship together...that is my direct pathway to God.

As excited as I was to go, I was still a bit apprehensive about the night. What do you do at a worship "concert?" Do you worship the band? Or are you worshiping Jesus? What do THEY do with the money that is made? Buy nicer Where does it go?

SIDEBAR...I've been really struggling lately with people in ministry pimping themselves out...selling books/cds/their own image in hopes to make a profit themselves...In order to promote themselves...In order to be "Famous" in the Christian circles. Wasn't there something in the book of John about Jesus driving out the moneychangers...being angered at people making a profit off people wanting to hear the word of God in the temple? I don't know. It's just been really bothering me lately.

Back to last night...

With those thoughts running through my head, I was thinking a lot about the motives behind Hillsong. Then I wondered about the motives of people that were there. Especially when I saw signs made that said "We love Hillsong...etc." But I digress...

Before the concert, 2 of the pastors from the church came out and explained 1) why they charge for tickets and 2)how ALL the profit goes back into the local church. They seemed VERY genuine. And I liked what they had to say. I was happy.

Then the concert started.

Unlike a Chris Tomlin concert, I didn't know all the songs. But that didn't matter. They were easy to sing along with. The energy in the room was unlike anything I've ever seen before. The humble spirit of the worship leaders poured through their music...their words...their body language. They left room for the spirit to move. They spoke words of conviction.

They sang Mighty to Save...the song I'm most familiar with...and I couldn't even sing. I was so overwhelmed with a packed house of 7000+ singing at the top of their lungs, that my mouth couldn't even open. I was drowning in my own tears. I felt so in love with Jesus. Rejoicing that I know him. That he is my Friend.

I danced. I jumped. I moved so much that Curtis and Darrell kept getting pushed into the aisle.

I'll stand with arms high and heart abandoned
In awe of the One who gave it all
So I'l stand my soul Lord to You surrendered
All I am is yours.

My arms were definitely high and my heart was abandoned...

There is so much freedom in their worship...

And towards the end of the night, there were a couple songs that had people just singing some melodic sounds with no lyrics...everybody was doing it with a slightly different variation. And it got Loud. And it was in that moment, that for the first time in my life, I got a glimpse of the chaotic, beautiful, indescribable worship that is going on even now in Heaven. (I was thinking about descriptions found in Revelation.) And I got to taste what it's going to be like....if only for a moment.

I prayed for our church a lot. I prayed for our leaders, for our members, for our worship...that we can be real, authentic, joyful, and free. I prayed for growth and wisdom. I prayed that we will become extravagant worshipers.

It was a beautiful night. I am so thankful that God wired me to worship Him with music...


Lisa P said...

I think you did it justice, my friend.

Stephanie said...

wow....that sounds amazing Kristi!

So, I guess it was almost as awesome as being with me at the New Kids on the Block concert then huh?

Dionne Sincire said...

...and when praises go up, God's blessings come down! sounds like the worship blessed your socks off!

World of Wright said...

Jagger's favorite song is Mighty To Save so that song has special meaining to me. My greatest joy as a mom is watching my child worship with wreckless abandon. He's often off key yet he never holds back and doesn't care who hears him or how he sounds. We should all worship that way.
Thanks for sharing

Rick said...

I envy your gift of worship