Saturday, March 7, 2009

VDay Recap.

I know...It's nearly a month after Valentines...but we had such a special day, I wanted to share some of the pictures with you. Haley and I decorated the house during the fact, our decorations are still up. (I'm definitely moving in slow motion these days.) We had a cozy love-filled morning. Curtis and I have never put too much stock into Valentine's Day...but it was really fun this year to make it special for the girls.

I prepared a little breakfast for the family while they were cozied up in bed.

Then we had a dance party together. The girls were so sweet with each other.

This is the Valentine we got from Haley.

There was a lot of love in our house that day. Hope your Valentine's Day was special too!!


Heidi said...

so sweet - the pictures are great!

Brazenlilly said...

So, are you saying it was better than the valentine's day you spent with Trent and me in Oregon?! :)

I think doing fun things for the kids makes these holidays feel new and exciting for me! I love what you guys did. Thanks for the pics!

Kristi said...

Jen....nothing will ever compare to the VDAY spent with you and Trent. It will always have a special place in my heart!!!!

Don said...

I didn't know you'd done this. Looks like a wonderful morning. You're such an "event planner!" Love it.